(2:26) Baby's first smile, first laugh, first steps. These are all milestones you look forward to with a new baby. What you never anticipate is your baby's first ambulance ride. Just days old, little Wyatt "the warrior" was transported to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford to be tested for mysterious blisters covering him from head to toe.

(1:57) For Giselle's 5th birthday, she decided she wanted to raise money for "medicine that doesn't hurt" and donate her birthday gifts to her friends with cancer. As a patient herself, she knows how receiving a small gift toy in the hospital can brighten a child's day.

(0:58) Donor support helps kids like Xavr, Hyrum, Wyatt, and Soraya every day. We are so grateful for our community of supporters.

(1:32) As a nonprofit hospital, we rely heavily on the support of our community. Did you know that much of what we do every day is funded by donors? Take a look at Lily's visit to the hospital and see just how your support helps all of our patients and families.

(1:03) How does my donation make a difference? From stickers at the front desk to toy MRI machines to ease fears, our staff describe some of the little ways your holiday gift brings care, comfort, and cures to our patients.

(1:24) Karla's family shares their gratitude for all the donors and supporters of the hospital.

(0:30) Jayden's family thanks the hospital and donor community for helping give Jayden a stronger start.

(1:25) Learn how your group or organization can volunteer as activity kit builders, and help bring joy to patients in our care!

(1:30) How to raise $500 in 5 days.

(4:00) Heroes of the Bass Childhood Cancer Center.