Summer is officially just around the corner and we want to celebrate at Packard Children’s!

On April 19, we will be decking ourselves out in leis, sunglasses, and Aloha shirts, and we want you to join!

To get your school or group involved, simply ask participants to make a donation of any size and in return they get to wear their favorite Summer-themed gear all day long! It’s an easy way for your school to have an impact in the lives of our patients and families while also having fun.

How to get involved:

  1. Mark your calendar for April 19 or select the day that works best for you.

  2. Register your event today.

  3. Spread the word! Ask participants to make a donation of any size in order to participate.

  4. Have fun! Check out ideas below on how to make the day extra fun.

  5. Contact us to make your donation.

Looking for more ways to make your Summer Celebration extra special?

  • Sell popsicles during lunchtime and donate the proceeds.

  • Hand out fun Summer-themed items, such a leis or sunglasses, and ask for a donation in return.

  • Make it a contest to see which grade can have the most participation—the class with the most participants gets 5 extra minutes of recess!

  • Make it a carnival! Play fun carnival games during lunch time and sell tickets to participants.