Students for Packard proves that kids of any age can have an immediate impact in the lives of the patients and families we serve.

Thanks to schools like yours, we are able to provide the very best care, comfort, and cures to children facing cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses, regardless of their ability to pay. From spirit weeks to coins for cures, your school can make a difference!


How do i get my school involved?

1. Brainstorm

With your event committee, decide what you want your Students for Packard week to look like. Check out our event ideas below, or create your own. Don’t forget to decide which area of the hospital you’d like to support!

2. review the Policies & Procedures

Be sure you are able to understand and follow our policies—and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any! 

3. Register your event

Once your event is approved, you’ll receive access to our online toolkit with even more resources to help you succeed. Say hello to customizable flyers and giveaways!

4. Start Planning

Set your goals, build your timeline, create a budget, and don’t forget to promote, promote, promote!

5. It’s Students for Packard time!

Start fundraising and have fun doing it! Let the Champions Team know if you have any questions along the way.

6. Make your donation

Mail in your donations, or arrange a time with the Champions Team to deliver your donation in person.


Fundraiser Ideas

Host a sports tournament and have the teachers play against students. Ask for donations to participate in or watch the game.

Teachers vs. Students

Host a sports tournament and have the teachers play against students. Ask for donations to participate in or watch the game.

Coins for Cures

Each class has a container. Each penny is one point—but watch out! Silver coins and bills are worth triple the points.

School Social

Host a movie night, school dance, or ice cream party. Ask students to make a donation to attend.


Dress-Down Days

Students can dress down (for uniform schools) or wear hats or pajamas for a small donation.


Mini Marathon

Turn your favorite activity into a fundraiser by having sponsors support your bike-a-thon, jump-rope-a-thon, or dance-a-thon.

Host a Pep Rally

Show your team spirit before the big game. Sell temporary tattoos or paint faces to raise funds.

Pledge Projects

Have family and friends “sponsor” pledges to students to make a donation for each lap run, each “A” grade, or each book read.


Stuck for a Buck

Charge $1 for students to purchase a piece of duct tape to stick one unlucky teacher to the wall.


Teachers in Jail

If students collect a certain amount, they can put their teacher in “jail” for the rest of a class period.